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Рresent Рerfect tense – 6 класс тесты с ответами

Рresent Рerfect tense – 6 класс тесты с ответами: бесплатные материалы для тестирования от преподавателя.

Тестовые задания по английскому языку для 6 класса по теме: «Рresent Рerfect tense»

Правильный вариант ответа отмечен знаком +

Утвердительные предложения. Образование Рresent Рerfect tense

I. Вставьте пропущенные формы в Рresent Рerfect

1. His clock …….down.

– have broke

– have already broken

– has broke

+ has already broken

2. Pupils ………..the teacher’s questions.

+ have just answered

– have ansered

– has answered

– have just answer

3. Kate …..Tom for seven weeks.

– has know

+ has known

– have known

– have knowed

4. My brother …..all of his tea.

– has drink

– has drank just

+ has just drunk

– have drunk

5. Young artist …… two pictures recently.

– drawn

+ has drawn

– have drawn

– has drawned

II. Open the brackets. Раскройте скобки, употребив глаголы в Present Perfect

6. They (to see) that show before.

– had see

– seen

– have been see

+have seen

7. Ann (to wash) her face so that she can cook her dinner.

– washed

+ has washed

– have washed

-have washt

8. Boris and Natty (not to buy) a new house because it’s so expensive for them.

+ haven’t bought

– hasn’t bought

– have bought

– has bought

9. Something (to go) wrong with the vacuum cleaner.

– has just went

– have not gone

+ has just gone

– have gone

тест 10. Alex (to read) a lot of books about love recently.

– have read

– has readed

– have red

+ has read

III. Отрицательные предложения

11. I believe my daughter (not to make) many troubles by now.

– not made

+ hasn’t made

– has made

– have made

12. My granny (not to find) her keys in the kitchen yet.

+ has not found

-has found

– have not found

– hasn’t find

13. Up to now I (not to water) my little plants.

– have not to water

– has not to water

+have not watered

– was not to water

14. We (not to visit) my ill schoolmate today.

+ haven’t visited

– haven’t visit

– hasn’t visited

– hasn’t visit

15. Sam (not to meet) him for ten months.

– has not meet

+ has not met

– have not meet

– not meet

IV. Вопросительные предложения в Present Perfect

16. What (we/to do) tonight?

+ have we done

– has we done

– have we do

– have you done

17. Where (you / to be) today?

– are you been

– have you be

+ have you been

– you been

18. (you / to take) your Russian home task today’s evening?

+ have you taken

– are you took

– you take

– have you take

19. (my parents / to play) chess today?

– has my parents played

+ have my parents played

– has my parents play

– my parents played

тест-20. (Ben / to say) kind words to his mom on her today’s birthday?

– has Ben to say

– have Ben said

+ has Ben said

-have Ben sad

21. Какие грамматические времена изображены на картинке? What grammatical tenses are shown in the picture?

вопрос теста Рresent Рerfect tense 6 класс. Задание 1

+ Past Simple & Present Perfect

– Past Perfect & Present Simple

– Past Perfect & Present Perfect

Past Perfect Continuous & Present Perfect

22. How many dresses (they / to buy) for their sisters today?

– they to buy

+ have they bought

– have they boght

– has they bought

23. What time is used in the sentence? Какое время употреблено в предложении?

вопрос теста Рresent Рerfect tense 6 класс. Задание 2

– Present Perfect

+ Past Simple

– Present Simple

– Past Perfect